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产品概述/Product overview
The reactor is composed of kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, stirrer, transmissiondevice, shaft seal device, support and so on. The reactor is working in the production Cheng mainly play the evaporation, reaction, synthesis, polymerization, saponification, sulfonation, chlorination, nitrification and other processes, widely used in petroleum,Workers, rubber, medicine, food, hot melt adhesives, silicone, paint, paint and other industries.
As the production process, operating conditions are not the same, there are many types of reactor classification, usually can be divided into electric heating, steam heating, Heat conduction oil circulation heating, shaft sealing device is divided into packing seal, mechanical seal, magnetic seal. Stirring type with anchor, slurry, turbine Type, push type, self-priming, box type. Mixing device in the high diameter is relatively large, can be used multi-layer stirring blade, but also according to the user's Seeking any match.
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